Aptly titled, I am hosting a grown-up version of a pajama party this coming long weekend. Complete with a pillow fort, an alcoholic sundae bar, and of course popcorn galore, this event promises to be a great time. Starting on the Friday at 9pm and ending on the Sunday at 9pm, all my guests have the opportunity to come and go as they please - or enjoy 48 hours of awesomeness! This week I will be setting up the fort and getting all of the ingredients ready, so stay tuned for pictures and a recipe so you can make your very own Alcoholic Sundae Bar! Cheers!

Gotta Catch 'Em All!

Yes, you heard me right. Pokémon Go has been coming out all over the world the past few weeks and I imagine you have all read/seen/heard a lot about it. Personally I think it is great. It has an element of nostalgia - who doesn't love that? The game also promotes physical activity in the form of walking. Now, of course, if you search the internet you can find little tricks and cheats to avoid that aspect. For me however, I have actually found myself going for extra little walks here and there just to stock up on pokeballs at the pokestops nearby. For a person who loathes the idea of working out, this is a really good thing. I'm becoming just that little bit less of a couch potato, and I hope

Whirlwind Week

What a week! Had a bit of a rocky start with a migraine on Monday night that kept me home from work the following day. But once Wednesday hit, the week was much better. That day I picked out my best pink shirt to wear. Why? Because "on Wednesday's we wear pink!" As you may have guessed, it was Mean Girls night that night! After work, my good friend Katie came over and played with my kittens for a bit before we went out for supper. Once we were done supper, we were supposed to go watch Mean Girls in the park. Unfortunately the weather wasn't very nice, so we decided to watch it on Netflix at my house instead - which really just meant more time with the kittens - win. Thursday morning I took m

Happy [insert celebratory reason here]!

Today is an important day. It is not only important for me, but for all of my fellow Canadians. On this day in 1867, with the three separate colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick uniting as one, Canada became the country that we know and love today. So as we take part in the tradition of barbecues and beverages, let us remember the significance of today. As we watch the fireworks, let us not forget the importance of unity. Though there are many happenings in the world today that seek to divide us, may Canada at least remain the beautiful nation I am proud to call home. On another note, eleven years ago today was when I first met the woman who would become my most treasured frien

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