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Whirlwind Week

What a week! Had a bit of a rocky start with a migraine on Monday night that kept me home from work the following day. But once Wednesday hit, the week was much better. That day I picked out my best pink shirt to wear. Why? Because "on Wednesday's we wear pink!" As you may have guessed, it was Mean Girls night that night! After work, my good friend Katie came over and played with my kittens for a bit before we went out for supper. Once we were done supper, we were supposed to go watch Mean Girls in the park. Unfortunately the weather wasn't very nice, so we decided to watch it on Netflix at my house instead - which really just meant more time with the kittens - win. Thursday morning I took my car in since it was making a slew of unsettling noises. After work, Katie was kind enough to give me a ride home since I wouldn't get my car until the next morning - when I would have to spend just over $2000.00 in repairs. Ouch! Once again we spent some time with my kittens and watching Netflix. The next morning, I got my car back and am happy to report that there are no more sounds, and the ride is so much smoother than it was before. This was especially good since, after work, that night I took to the highway for an eight hour drive to visit Jackie (yes that friend from my last post!). We spent the day together Saturday shopping, then that evening we went to a concert - Blink 182 and The Used. What a throwback! I listened to both of these bands pretty obsessively in high school, so it was pretty awesome to get to see them. Finally, to finish off the weekend, we went back and watched Snowpiercer - a film starring Chris Evans. It was... strange. Sunday morning I went for brunch with Jackie and her husband before heading back home - what a great week!

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