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A November to Remember

November! Only halfway in and already so much has happened. Before I get to my new memories, let's talk briefly about one day in particular - the day dedicated to remembering. I am of course talking about November 11th, known in Canada as Remembrance Day. This is a day we honour our war veterans who fought valiantly for our freedom. Our neighbours to the south also celebrate Veteran's Day on November 11th - their version of the same holiday. This is an important part of our heritage and deserves mentioning.

What else have I been up to this month? Well first off I travelled out of province to attend another fan expo... quelle surprise. I had the opportunity to meet some more celebrities from my favourite shows and movies and attend some Q&A sessions as well. This is always a blast.

However, the fan expo was not actually the primary reason for my trip. I came here to finally lay my grandma to rest. I grew up with my grandmother, and it was devastating when she passed away five years ago. Up until now I hadn't really had the chance to make it down here, so I kept her ashes safe in my house until I could. Yesterday afternoon we placed her urn in my mother's grave so they could rest together.

Tonight I'm celebrating an early Christmas with my dad and his wife, with whom I'm staying. Then, at the end of the week, it will be time to return home and to reality. Fear not dear readers, this is a beautiful place that has already inspired my imagination and I'm already trying to use some ideas towards the settings in my novel. So to any other writers reading, don't forget to live your life - inspiration is all around you, if you just open your eyes :)

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